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RUDD, GILLARD, RUDD (again!), ABBOTT, and now TURNBULL. Five Prime Ministers in 5 years.

Welcome to Australia, where the country has suffered a severe lack of leadership and direction from both the Liberal and Labor political parties for many years.

Deceptive, untrustworthy, self interested, incompetent, and loose with the truth, are the first five things that come to my mind when I think of politicians, and it looks like I'm not alone.

A 2014 publication from GFK shows that only 14% of the Australian population trust politicians, making them the most untrusted profession in the country.

Australians‛ trust nurses the most with 96%, and the politicians are at the bottom of the barrel with only 14%.

When you look at the map below it seems that politicians worldwide have little credibility any where, any more.

Trust in professions world map

Classic Australian Political Quotes

Tony Abbott "Coal is good for humanity." - Tony Abbott - Former Australian Prime Minister

Tony Abbott
"It's OK to be a bigot." - George Bandis - Australian Attorney General

Tony Abbott "Poor people don't drive cars." - Joe Hockey - Former Australian Treasurer

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